FREEEEDOM!”  That was the passionate cry and last dying word of a tortured William Wallace, at least as Hollywood depicted him.  In the 13th Century, William Wallace became a leader of the Scottish resistance aimed at independence from the tyranny of England’s Edward I.  He led the Scots to defeat the British on a number of occasions and became recognized as “the Guardian of Scotland.”  Martyred for the cause of Scottish freedom, Wallace is now considered a patriot and national hero.  The brutal nature of his death and the fervency of his commitment to freedom gained him a place among The 100 Greatest Britons and in our hearts as the hero of Braveheart.


A similar commitment was made in our nation’s own journey toward independence.  Bodies were struck down and blood was poured out as men were willing to die for the freedom of others.  Many lives were lost on this soil in order to purchase the rights that most of us so easily take for granted each and every day.  As I pause to praise God for our national independence, I am reminded of an even greater cause for which to praise Him, our spiritual independence.  I was formerly dead in my trespasses and sins, yet God so graciously breathed new life into me.  He did that so that I might be freed from my sin and spared from the terrors of His great wrath.  I deserved an eternity of judgment, and yet Christ was committed to my freedom.  He was willing to die in order that I might live.  I am so grateful, yet so undeserving.

Freedom is costly.  It must be purchased.  Our freedom cost God His greatest treasure, Jesus Christ.  What sinful men could never do on their own, Jesus has already done for them.  He endured the Cross of Calvary like a lamb led to the slaughter.  In the kind intention of God, He provided the very means by which men would be delivered from the tyranny of sin and saved from the horrible consequences that it so justly deserved.  His blood was shed and His body was broken in order that the man of faith might experience ultimate freedom.    To those who were formerly slaves to their flesh, He made them into free sons and daughters who might freely love, serve, and enjoy God as they were created to do.  Romans 8:1 says, “There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” John 8:36 says, “So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” By faith in Christ and repentance from our sin, we can yell with William Wallace… “FREEEEDOM!!!”

Blessings in Christ, Gabe


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