The Willow Tree: Psalm 1 (Pt 6)

A Study of Psalm 1: (Part 6: Exposition IIC & Conclusion)

C.  Unlike the righteous, the wicked will perish. For the Lord knows the way of the righteous, but the way of the wicked will perish.

The Lord knows the way of the righteous, first of all, because His Son is the “Way” of the Righteous.  In fact, He is the only true Righteous One.  Jesus says in John 14:6, “I am the way, the truth and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through me.”  God will preserve the righteous, because their way is through Jesus Christ.  As the Father knows the Son, so the Father knows those who love the Son.  God will preserve the righteous, because He knows them (Jn. 10:15, 27).  God has not chosen to know the wicked, because they have refused to repent and believe.  He has made no provision for them, because His mercy is found only through the finished work of His Son.  Grace flows to mankind only through faith in the sacrificial death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Those who refuse to submit to God in this life will suffer the fate of their sin at the coming judgment.

We all have a lot more in common with the wicked than we ever had with the Righteous. None of us have perfectly abstained from the counsel, lifestyle, and companionship of the wicked.  None of us have had persistent pleasure in the law of the Lord, and none of us have perfectly meditated on His laws.  But the amazing thing is that Jesus did what we could never do. [1]   He is the only man to ever perfectly meditate on the word of God and live an obedient life.  He was obedient even to the point of death on a Cross.  And while we deserved to perish for our wickedness, God punished Him instead.  God poured out His righteous wrath on Jesus so that we might prosper through His resurrected life.  By faith and repentance—turning from our sin and putting our trust in Christ—we share in the prosperity that belonged only to Jesus.  God blessed His perfect Son so that His life would be abundantly fruitful and eternally flourishing.  Through faith, we experience the spiritual prosperity given to Christ, as well as the promise that physical prosperity will accompany us at the arrival of the Last Day.  God knows the righteous through His Son Jesus Christ, for there is no other way that a man can be made righteous.  Those who choose to live by their own merits, in their own wisdom, and by their own way will perish in their sin.  God will preserve the righteous, but the wicked will perish.

Will you be counted among the righteous or will you perish with the wicked?  Do you savingly know God through His written word (Scripture) and His incarnate Word (Jesus Christ)?


On the Last Day, every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord (Phil. 2:1-11).  Some will worship Christ out of joy and gratitude for their salvation, and others will worship Christ out of fear that His anger will destroy them.  Today is the day to decide which way you shall live.  Choose well, for you shall reap what you sow for the rest of eternity.  In this psalm, we have seen a portrait of two different men.  One would prosper and the other would perish.  The righteous man avoided the counsel, lifestyle, and company of the wicked; and instead found his delight and devotion in the word of God.  Through meditating on this word, he received a continual source of refreshment and sustenance.  Even through adversity, that man was fruitful with a life the flourished in whatever he did.  He experienced spiritual prosperity.

The wicked man, on the other hand, had no lasting value or stability in the eyes of God.  His hope was in himself, and he was destined for destruction.  His way would perish in the end.  The wicked man will be brought to his knees and cast out of the presence of God and His people.   The wicked will perish while the righteous are preserved.  God has called every man to be righteous and treasure His word, but the only way that such a lifestyle is possible is through faith in the Righteous One.  By faith we experience the righteousness of Christ, and through His word the Spirit causes our souls to flourish.  His word gives us the saving power of Christ, and transforms us into His likeness. It is in this way that God will preserve the righteous, and allow the wicked to perish.  He will not intervene on behalf of those who treasure their sin in this life, but He will preserve those who treasure His Son.

Are you looking to Christ to be your righteousness or are you counting on your own wisdom, lifestyle, or relationships to save you?  Are you looking to God’s word to be your source of strength and guidance or are you counting on your own wisdom and ways to protect you?

Let us be people who are planted by streams of water and daily absorb the refreshing truths that will preserve us for all of eternity.  Unless we are connected to the person of Christ by faith, which comes to us by the Spirit’s witness from God’s word, then we shall perish on that Last Day.  Let us find our refuge and refreshment in the righteousness of Christ!!

[1] As a boy, Jesus amazed the teachers of the Law by His knowledge of Scripture (Luke 2:47), and at the beginning of His ministry when tempted by Satan His “encyclopedic knowledge of the Word” allowed Him to defeat the enemy with fitting quotations of His Father’s counsel (Luke 4:1-13; cf. Deut. 8:3; 6:13, 16).  He showed us how to meditate on God’s word and yield to it as the sword of the Spirit (Eph. 6:17).  Jesus was the fullest expression of the word made tangible as the “incarnate word” (John 1), and embodies in flesh what the Scriptures contained in writing, the fullness of God (Col. 1:15-20).  Jesus was the mystery of God revealed (Col. 2; 1 Pet. 1-2).


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