Taking Sin Seriously

Maurice Roberts:

“It is the besetting sin of our age to trivialize sin.  The remedy is to meditate on the holiness and righteousness of God himself, on the strictness and perfection of his laws, on the agonies of the damned in hell and, above all, on the sufferings of our blessed Redeemer on the cross of Calvary.  The Christian stops making spiritual progress as soon as he stops repenting.  The modern fashion is to skip through a few words of confession as though sin were no more serious to God than the omission of some detail of etiquette or the infringement of table-manners.  Let us recall that sin is the contradiction of God.”

May we not be those who “take sin lightly,” and therefore “take Christ lightly.”* May God grant us genuine repentance as we daily confess our sin and turn from it. May we entrust ourselves to the Holy One who powerfully saves and sanctifies all who put their faith in Him.  We offended God by our sin, and yet He offered up His only Son for us.  Might we run to the Cross whenever we see our sin and cry out for the mercy of God to change us.  He loves us and He will transform us, and that transformation includes no longer trivializing sin because minimizing sin means minimizing God’s holiness and minimizing the Cross.


*Charles Spurgeon: “Those who think lightly of sin will think lightly of Christ.”

Maurice Roberts, The Thought of God (Carlisle: Banner of Truth Trust, 1993), 12.


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