Discipleship Resources

Recently, I’ve been compiling some resources for teaching and discipleship that I’ve prepared over the last 6 months (Other resources, which are not my own, can be found under the “Resources” tab). My material has been useful in teaching youth/adult Sunday School, leading one-on-one discipleship, and facilitating men’s Bible studies.  While I don’t feel as though my work is anything extraordinary, it is a labor of love that I trust the Spirit can bless for the extension of Christ’s Kingdom and the proclamation of His Word.  So, I offer my meager rags for use in washing myself and others in the Word.  They can be found at: Teaching and Discipleship Resources.  The most recent material that I’m preparing is a detailed verse-by-verse Bible study (13 lessons) through Philippians, which will most likely take me the rest of the summer to complete due to other obligations.  However, I hope to post one new section every week or two. May it be enriching to your soul as you seek to know and savor Jesus Christ.

Blessings in Christ, Gabe


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