Introducing… Ian Smith

Hey everyone,

Since my friend Gabe was kind enough to invite me to become the third grace-saved sinner on his blog (yes, there are three. Grace still abounds, Mueller, but don’t push it!) the appropriate thing to do would be to introduce myself.

My name is Ian Smith. Since I’m feeling a little apologetic about my age right now in relation to the honor of contributing to this site, you might as well know that I’m seventeen years old, in my first semester of community college in particular and public school in general (I never had a senior year of high school), and hoping that you read any theological foibles not as conscious unorthodoxy but as a lack of the training and understanding that I hope come my way in the future. So, if anyone takes issue with a point or implication I make in my writing and tells me as much, I would not be offended but rather grateful for your gracious correction.

My twin brother and I are the oldest of five children under the stewardship of two godly parents. We live near the outer edge of beautiful Geneva, Illinois, one of Chicago’s westernmost suburbs. God has filled our home with His gospel for as long as I have been alive, and in His grace has always provided us faithful churches (currently Grace Covenant Church in Elgin, IL) committed to ministering biblical truth. If natural revelation alone leaves all men without excuse, how much more so am I if I fail to heed what I have received from the very Word of God? Though there are times when my heart’s loyalty to the Lord who bought me wavers, and seasons of faith and hope grown dim, He who began a good work in me will be faithful to complete it. I look forward to the day when no created thing or rebel thought will distract my heart from the King of Glory; the day when faith at last will be sight.

Other things you might want to know about me: in my spare time you’ll typically find me reading, sleeping or (unfortunately) on Facebook. Yes, I’m a teenager. I’d say that I’d rather read than anything else, but dedication as a measure of love would find me falling very short here since I haven’t actually read to the end of a book in months. C.S. Lewis, John Owen, George Macdonald, J.R.R. Tolkien, R.C. Sproul and Saint Augustine are my favorites. And though I’m from Chicago, don’t ask me whether I root for the Sox or Cubs. Sports can be fun, but they’ve never been the slightest part of my life. I can, however, play tennis, volleyball, and a pretty mean mini golf.

Hopefully you’ll be seeing more from me in the coming months, provided Mr. Tribbett doesn’t realize his mistake and boot me off! 🙂

Grace and peace,

Ian Smith


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