DeYoung: Rethinking the Mission of the Church

At the most recent Sovereign Grace Ministries conference, Kevin DeYoung delivered a great lecture on the mission of the church.  He defined “missional” according to the work of Christ and made a distinction between God’s work of transforming the created world and our role in proclaiming and adorning the gospel.  Instead of trying to “transform culture,” Christians ought to be more concerned with carrying the gospel message in proclamation and practice while allowing God to transform the church and influence culture according to His will. Transforming culture is impossible apart from the work of God and is not the priority of the church.  Propagating the gospel message through our lips and lives is the mission of the church.  For that reason, he emphasized need for a gospel-centered mission of the church where good deeds are an adornment, rather than a replacement, for the gospel message.  You can listen to it here: (DeYoung)  “Rethinking the Mission of the Church”; see also Jim Donohue (“The Savior Sees”) on having gospel proclamation at the foundation of our ministries.


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