Seeing Christ in the Old Testament

  • Preaching Christ from the Old Testament (An interview with Sidney Greidanus)

The best advice I have for preachers who want to preach the gospel from the OT comes from Spurgeon’s Lectures to My Students, which I read while on sabbatical in England. Spurgeon said:

Don’t you know, young man, that from every town and every village and every hamlet in England, wherever it may be, there is a road to London? So from every text of Scripture there is a road to Christ. And my dear brother, your business is, when you get to a text, to say, now, what is the road to Christ? I have never found a text that had not got a road to Christ in it, and if ever I do find one, I will go over hedge and ditch but I would get at my Master, for the sermon cannot do any good unless there is a savor of Christ in it.

Not only is there a road to London from every village in England, there are usually several roads one can take. So it is with the ways in which preachers can move from the periphery of the Bible to its center, Jesus Christ. (Click here to read the rest of the article for some helpful principles in preaching Christ from the Old Testament.)

  • “Getting Out”: Seeing the Gospel in Exodus 14 (A sermon by Tim Keller, the Gospel Coalition 2011)

If you would like to see a superb handling of an Old Testament text and how you might preach the gospel from it, then take the time to listen to Keller’s sermon here. Keep in mind that Keller has been doing this for a number of years and has been greatly gifted by God. We should not seek to imitate his preaching style as much as his method of getting to Christ from the Old Testament.

  • A Year-Long Guide for Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament

Nancy Guthrie has written a helpful devotional that guides the reader through a one-page devotional of seeing Christ in the OT each and everyday. It’s easy-to-read and understand, and covers the four major genres of the Old Testament. You can find the book here for under $10.

  • Getting the Most Out of the Text

You will also find the following guide helpful in asking questions of every text, that will unearth the gospel in it. The guide is written by Dr. Matthew S. Harmon of Grace Theological Seminary. You can find other valuable resources here as well.


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