The Picture of A Godly Man

Have you ever been convicted by a “table of contents” page?

The first time that I opened Thomas Watson’s The Godly Man’s Picture, I was challenged about my own heart and life in relation to Christ and reflecting His character. Check out the way that Watson describes the characteristics of a godly man in his chapter headings. They are worth reflecting upon and asking God to instill such gracious traits into our lives.

A Man of Knowledge

A Man moved by Faith

A Man fired with Love

A Man like God

A Man careful about the worship of God

A Man who serves God not Men

A Man who Prizes Christ

A Man who Weeps

A Man who loves the Word

A Man who has the Spirit of God residing in Him

A Man of Humility

A Man of Prayer

A Man of Sincerity

A Heavenly Man

A Zealous Man

A Thankful Man

A Man who loves the Saints

A Man who does not indulge Himself in any Sin

A Man who is good in His Relationships

A Man who does Spiritual Things in a Spiritual Manner

A Man thoroughly trained in Religion [the Things of God]

A Man who walks with God

A Man who strives to be an Instrument for Making Others Godly


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