Gospel Faithfulness through Time Management

“Seven Thoughts on Time Management” by Doug Wilson

Here’s the outline of the article: (You can find the full article here.)

  1. The point is fruitfulness, not efficiency.
  2. Build a fence around your life, and keep the fence tended.
  3. Perfectionism paralyzes.
  4. Fill in the corners.
  5. Plod. Keep at it.
  6. Take in more than you give out.
  7. Use and reuse. State and restate. Learn and relearn.
Here’s the outline of the article (36pgs.):
  1. Busyness?
  2. Confessions of a Busy Procrastinator
  3. The Procrastinator Within
  4. Just Do It
  5. In All Thy Ways
  6. The Sluggard
  7. Time Redeemed
  8. Time Well-Spent
  9. Roles, Goals, & Scheduling
  10. Roles (Part 1 & 2)
  11. Goals (Parts 1-4)
  12. Scheduling the Unexpected
  13. Self-Sufficient
  14. The “To Do” Lists Are Never Done
You can find the entire article here.

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