The Mercy of Rain: Suffering & the Sovereignty of God

The Light of Faith in the Darkness of Pain and Disappointment

There are times when the Lord deepens our faith and we must depend on Him despite the doubts, fears, and uncertainties that plague our aching hearts. Few things are more challenging than trusting God in the midst of His dark providence while holding fast to His goodness and love. The following two songs illustrate such faith…

(1) “I Will Carry You” by Selah speaks of trusting God in the midst of losing a beloved child. The song was written in response to losing an infant during birth and speaks of trusting God with a faith-filled, yet breaking heart that worships Him as the One who gives and takes away, according to His good purposes.

(2) “Blessings” by Laura Story speaks of the blessings that God bestows through pain, and how His mercy comes through raindrops. Every ounce of our pain and sorrow is for a glorious and beautiful purpose that magnifies the greatness of God and serves to accomplish His gracious plan for our lives.

Certainly, it is in the Cross of Christ that we most clearly see God working for our good and His glory, through the dark providence of pain and suffering. Like all things that God does, there is a beautiful purpose behind the sorrow and disappointment. No matter how badly our hearts may grieve over loss and disappointment, the grace of God will one day restore all things… In the meantime, we know that He has promised to be near to the broken-hearted and to save the crushed in spirit (Ps. 34:18).


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