He is My Righteousness

Each week, Matt Harmon posts a delectable excerpt from Off the Record with Martin LutherIn this week’s installment, Luther describes the great exchange of the gospel:
5598. In regard to how a faithful soul should talk with Christ, Martin Luther said: I am Your sins, You are my salvation. Therefore I am joyful and without worry. For my sins have no power over your redemption, nor will Your salvation allow me to remain a sinner long. Praise be to God! Amen!  (p. 376).
“He is my righteousness and I am His sin” (2Cor 5:21) is a succinct way of preaching the gospel to ourselves, and yet it captures the essence of gospel truth and the transforming power that it holds. It reminds us of the sin-shattering role of Christ as our Substitute and Savior. May we never lose sight of this “great exchange”!!! (If you’re interested, here are two similar posts: “Harlots at Heart” and “The Heart of the Gospel”.)

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