Spiritual Knowledge

Here’s some encouragement for those of us who have weak minds. Thankfully, we have received the Holy Spirit who illuminates our hearts and minds to possess knowledge beyond our own limited abilities.

John Owen:

“The difference between the knowledge of believers and unbelievers is not so much a difference in the matter of their knowledge but in the manner of knowing. Unbelievers, some of them, know more about God, his perfections, and his will, than many believers do; but they know nothing as they ought, nothing in a right manner, nothing spiritually or savingly, nothing with a holy and heavenly light. The excellence of a believer is not that he has a large grasp of things, but that what he does grasp, which may be very little, he sees it in the light of the Spirit of God, in saving, soul-transforming light; and this is that which gives us communion with God.”[1]

Praise God for illuminating our minds to “see and savor Jesus Christ” so that we might have the eyes of our hearts enlightened. I have so little knowledge, and none of it by which I can boast in my own abilities, but what little truth I grasp is only by His grace. Oh, that I might possess more of Christ and less of myself…


[1] Tony Reinke, Lit! A Christian Guide to Reading Books (Wheaton: Crossway Books, 2011), 36-37.

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