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Interested in becoming an expert? Put in 10,000 hours and you’ve got a shot at doing so. According to Malcolm Gladwell, that’s the amount of time that it takes to master a particular subject. While it’s important that we all realize our limitations (i.e., a 5’6″ man will probably never dunk on an NBA hoop), it’s also encouraging to think that we’re capable of more than we realize–if we are willing to put in the time necessary to master something worth mastering (i.e., understanding our Bibles). This article presents some fascinating thoughts that will make you dream of things you could and would love to do, if only you had made the time.

An extremely thought-provoking article on the topic of physical attraction and how we should think about such things–it’s brief, yet biblically-insightful and rather challenging. While many of us think that we have no control over what we find attractive and unattractive, the reality is that we’re probably more culturally-conditioned than we realize. Pierre provides some helpful thoughts about how to love spouses better, as well as advice for singles in cultivating a willingness to consider those whom one is not initially attracted to in a physical sense. It’s worth the read, even if you don’t embrace every conclusion.

Context Determines Meaning. That’s a fundamental rule of proper biblical interpretation. As Chapell effectively argues, we cannot fully understand the meaning of a biblical passage without first determining its primary purpose. We determine the purpose, or burden, of a biblical text by uncovering the “fallen condition” of each passage. The Fallen Condition is the human concern or sinful condition that existed in the human author and/or audience that led the Holy Spirit to inspire each particular passage to address so that God’s grace might empower His people to more properly glorify Him through worship and obedience. The fallen conditions that plagued the original audience are often shared by the Bible’s contemporary audience. We need God’s grace to solve our fallen condition just as much as those who lived in 800 B.C., A.D. 100, or the Middle Ages. Discovering the Fallen Condition of every passage will be the best means of determining its message and meaning to a contemporary audience.


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