The Giver of Sight

Our God is Glorious and Praiseworthy in All Things–He is the Giver of Sight

In Mark 10:46-52, Jesus cured a blind man named Bartimaeus. While known as a blind beggar, Bartimaeus had the eyes of faith that most seeing men did not have. As a result of his faith, Jesus healed him. The same is true for us, the spiritual realities precede the physical realities that will ultimately be fulfilled in glory. Bartimaeus was a picture for us of Jesus giving the eyes of faith followed by the sight necessary to see Him and be like Him. One day our faith shall be made sight… and oh what a glorious day that will be. I watched this wonderful video on Justin Taylor’s blog, and it caused me to praise God for the faith of Bartimaeus, as well as Christopher Duffley.

Justin Taylor writes: “10-year-old Christopher Duffley was born premature, blind, and autistic, and was adopted by his parents at 15 months of age. God has given him the gift of music.” This video is worth your time:

HT: Justin Taylor


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