Holiness of Heart: Christ in Us

John 3:30 “He must increase, but I must decrease.”

From the diary of Jonathan Edwards:

“Holiness… it seemed to me, brought an inexpressible purity, brightness, peacefulness and ravishment to the soul; and that it made the soul like a field or garden of God, with all manner of pleasant flowers; that is all pleasant, delightful and undisturbed; enjoying a sweet calm, and the gently vivifying beams of the sun. The soul of a true Christian, as I then wrote [in] my meditations, appeared like such a little white flower as we see in the spring of the year; low and humble on the ground, opening its bosom to receive the pleasant beams of the sun’s glory; rejoicing as it were in a calm rapture; diffusing around a sweet fragrancy; standing peacefully and lovingly in the midst of other flowers round about; all in like manner opening their bosoms to drink in the light of the sun. There was no part of creature-holiness that I then, and at other times, had so great a sense of loveliness of, as humility, brokenness of heart and poverty of spirit: and there was nothing that I had such a spirit to long for. My heart as it were panted after this, to lie low before God, and in the dust: that I might be nothing, and that God might be all; that I might become as a little child.” [1]

May the Spirit make us “pure in heart” so that we can see God and reflect His glory in humility, brokenness, and spiritual poverty–that in our weakness He manifests His power and wisdom and grace. We long to see the radiance of the Son, and display the beauty of His holiness in our hearts and lives. We have nothing, except that which has been given to us. Lord, give us the holiness of Jesus, that we might be set apart to You!

[1] Samuel Hopkins, The Life and Character of the Late Reverend Mr. Jonathan Edwards (Boston, 1765), 29-30, as quoted in T.M. Moore, Pursuing Holiness in the Lord: Jonathan Edwards (Phillipsburg: P&R Publishing, 2005), 2.

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