Prayers of A Desperate Heart

We have few greater needs than the Spirit of God filling us with His power, wisdom, and grace. We cannot live apart from God’s presence guiding and sustaining us. Yet, we rarely acknowledge our need of Him. This deficiency is evidenced in how little we practice the most self-denying action possible: prayer. There is no glory for self in private prayer. It’s a most difficult and crucifying work that makes us weary and yet provides power and grace beyond anything we could imagine. In fact, it could be said that prayer is the clearest measure of our spiritual maturity and devotion. A lack of prayer reveals a lack of grace and a lack of dependence upon the One who gives it. This sermon by Paul Washer was a deep cut to my heart and one that I pray will leave me scarred for years to come. It’s worth your time. May it provoke you to a spirit of prayer in the ways that it has stirred up fresh passion in mine.

Thanks, Brother Washer for serving us so well!!

“You Alone” by David Crowder Band


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