Pastoral Ministry

Charles Bridges on the bittersweet beauty (and difficulty) of pastoral ministry:

“With all my discouragements and sinful despondency; in my better moments, I can think of no other work worth doing compared with [pastoral ministry]. Had I a thousand lives to live, I would willingly spend them in it: and had I as many sons, I should gladly devote them to it.”[1]

William Still on the heart of a pastor:

“My whole concern in my work of trying to make pastors (and I have ‘made’ too few, although I have had many men [pass] through my hands) is that they become men of God; then, the pastoral work will look after itself. It will still have to be done. But the man of God is made for that.”[2]


[1] Charles Bridges, The Christian Ministry: With An Inquiry Into the Causes of Its Inefficiency (Edinburgh: Banner of Truth Trust, 1997), 23.

[2] William Still, The Work of the Pastor (Ross-shire: Christian Focus, 2001), 15.

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