J. Hudson Taylor: A Soul Exercised Toward Faith

A Few Morsels of Wisdom from J. Hudson Taylor:

“How important to learn… to move man, through God, by prayer alone.”[33]

“He gives the very best to those who leave the choice with Him.”[44]

Speaking of his co-laborer, William Burns: “His whole life was literally a life of prayer, and his whole ministry a series of battles fought at the mercy-seat.”[70]

Mr. & Mrs. Howard Taylor writing of their father’s journals:

“For these unstudied pages reveal a growing intimacy with God and dependence upon Him. Faith is here, and faithfulness down to the smallest detail. Devotion is here and self-sacrifice, leading to unremitting labor. Prayer is here, patient persevering prayer, wonderfully answered. But there is something more: there is the deep, prolonged exercise of a soul that is following hard after God. There is the gradual strengthening here, of a man called to walk by faith not by sight; the unutterable confidence of a heart cleaving to God and God alone, which pleases Him as nothing else can.”[107]

“The secret of faith that is ready for emergencies is the quiet, practical dependence upon God day by day which makes [Christ] real to the believing heart.”[1oo]


[1] , 107.


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