The Majesty of God in the Midst of Darkness

Albert Barnes:

“There are as many lessons conveyed to man about the greatness and majesty of God by the silent movements of each night as there are by the light of the successive days–just as there may be as many lessons conveyed to the soul about God in the dark night of affliction and adversity, as there are when the sun of prosperity shines upon us.” (Barnes’ Notes on the Bible, Psalm XIX, Psalms-Vol. 1, 168)

The same is true in our lives–God proclaims His greatness through the highest mountaintops and the lowest valleys–the blissful providences and the severest of mercies where we experience profound happiness and deepest anguish. His glory is seen in the agony and pain and difficulty, as well as the victory and new life that emerges from the ashes. He restores that which is broken and gives life to that which was lifeless. Praise God for His majesty in both light and darkness… 


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