The Solution: The Holy Spirit

Charles Ryrie:

“The solution to the problems of the church today is to solve the individual Christian’s problems, and the solution to those problems is a Person–the Holy Spirit. He is the antidote for every error, the power for every weakness, the victory for every defeat, and the answer for every need. And He is available to every believer, for He lives in his heart and life. The answer and the power have already been given us in the indwelling Holy Spirit.”[1]

Praise God for His indwelling presence–the Spirit of Christ–who transforms us into His likeness! May we experience and embrace His power for overcoming sin and receiving grace.


[1] Charles Ryrie, The Holy Spirit (Chicago: Moody Publishers, 1965), 9, as quoted in John MacArthur, Jr., The Silent Shepherd: The Care, Comfort, and Correction of the Holy Spirit (Wheaton: Victor Books, 1996), 6. 

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