Melting Pot

Challenges of Longevity: Difficulty of A Lengthy Pastorate (Conrad Mbewe)

Conrad is a wise man and a godly pastor. He deeply loves his people and has led them well. However, as he writes in this thoughtful letter, it’s not always been easy. There are profound joys, as well as unique challenges to committing to one flock and staying there for the remainder of one’s ministry career. Worth reading!

5 Notes on Dating for the Guys (Mark Driscoll)

In this article, Driscoll provides some helpful counsel for men in how to be intentional and gracious in the way that we pursue the hearts of young women. Insightful and helpful. If you want to better encourage and interact with women while being honest and demonstrating integrity, then you’ll benefit from reading this. I’m sure all of us single guys who want to honor our sisters in Christ could use help in this area. 

Motives Matter: Motivations of A Leader (Dave Kraft)

Here, Dave attacks the notion of selfish leadership–something that is our natural default as sinful human beings and which leads to extremely poor leadership that actually hurts people. He challenges leaders to serve God and man with the right motives that actually flow out of a servant’s heart. May the Lord teach us to be better lovers of God so that we might rightly serve our fellow man. The same applies to husbands as they love their wives with a selfless love that reflects Christ.

Pastors: Do What God Called You to Do (Justin Taylor)

God called us to love people by serving them and preaching Christ. He called us to open the Scriptures with integrity and humility and to proclaim them with boldness and love. May we be reminded of what God “drafted” us to do for His kingdom as we love and serve one another through the power of Christ’s Spirit. This brief article is worth reading!

Good Advice: No One Wants to Offend A “Midget”

Check out this poorly-botched altar call…


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