Returning to the Rapist: The Nature of Sin in the Believer’s Life

Disclaimer: This illustration is heart-wrenchingly emotional and is not appropriate for children. It is written hypothetically to make a point and is not intended to cause emotional pain. If you experienced the horrible tragedy of rape, then you may not want to read this post.

About a year ago, my pastor referred to ongoing sin in the believer’s life as being similar to the act of a rape victim returning to the rapist in order that he might ravish her once again.

He told a heart-gripping, hypothetical story of a woman who was being grievously raped and whose husband had died in the course of rescuing her from the rapist. The emotions of such a violation would have been so deeply-inflicted that only the few who have experienced such terror could actually know its pain. The emotional scars would far outlast the physical pain and heartache. The emotional pain of the actual rape would be horrific. Yet, the tragedy would be even more compounded with the fact that her loving husband had given his life in order to save hers. The man who loved her above his own life died to save her from an enemy who sought only to abuse her and leave her for dead.

Imagine, if you will, that the rescued woman who had been senselessly raped and just lost her husband, returns to her rapist and invites him to continue taking advantage of her. That is unimaginable that a woman who had thus been used against her will would ever return to such a man in order that he would repeat such great evil.

Now imagine the reality, that Christ the ultimate Husband has given His life to rescue His Bride who had been ravaged by Satan and suffered the painful, life-changing effects of sin. What might it be like for Christ to see His bride to return to her rapist and invite such an enemy to once again to cause her such harm? The mere thought is unnerving and sickening to any sound human being. Would not this been unimaginable–even in the world’s eyes–that one would return to a rapist after being set free from his destructive, selfish power? Even worse, to return to such a villain who not only ravaged her against her will, but took the life of her beloved husband who loved her with a selfless, protective and absolutely pure love.

It’s amazing how we justify sin and take it rather casually and lightly. When we cling to former sins, we are in a sense, inviting the rapist into our homes to have his way with us again. Yet, Christ our Savior has died in order to set us free that we might become free to love and serve Him with increasing purity and joy.


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