Altering the Paradigm

“Jesus Christ super-fulfills the Old Testament.” – David Powlison

That one sentence contains the entirety of the Old Testament found in the New.

Jesus “super-fulfills” the promises, hopes, and commands of God.

His answer to these things goes beyond our understanding. His reality is greater, stronger, mightier, happier, more extensive, and more intensive than anything we could ever hope or imagine.

The first promise, in the midst of a curse, is that a man would crush the serpent that strikes him. Serpents kill when they bite. A crushed snake-skull comes from the foot of a  man.

Yet, who would have thought that it would be this cosmic? The enemy struck Christ with death, expecting victory. But Christ rose triumphant and has delivered the death-blow.

That is altering the paradigm. That is super-fulfilling. That is the Gospel of glory.

Behold the extravagant promise-keeping God of the universe in the man, Jesus Christ.


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