Here are a few articles that I have found worth my time in recent weeks:

“The Great Man Hunt”: Guys, we need to ‘man-up’ and start becoming men of maturity and integrity who have holy ambition for the things of God–including being worthy and able to lead godly young women. Pursue Jesus. Pursue a woman. Pursue well.

“Marriage Expectations”: We all have unreasonable, inflated expectations. We’re tend toward the extremes of being either idealistic or pessimistic–but healthy, gospel-reflecting relationships involve having the right expectations.

Defining Biblical LoveWhat Did You Expect? (Part 1) & What Did You Expect (Part 2). Here are two excellent descriptions of real, biblical love as seen in the struggle of marriage, as two sinners fight the good fight and apply God’s grace to one another.

Making All Things New: Restoring Joy to the Sexually Broken: Here David Powlison addresses an increasingly pervasive and destructive topic. He identifies the heart “conditions” underlying sexual sin, and provides the light of gospel truth for finding victory.


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