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Compassion Curriculum (for Special Needs Adults)

Paul and Jill Miller have written a great curriculum to help special needs adults understand the compassion of Jesus!

ResourcesLeader’s Manual and Student Manual; Free Starter Pack Download

Publisher’s Description

Compassion is at the very center of Jesus’ being—it is the main way that he relates to people. Jesus shows compassion by incarnating, by stepping into other people’s shoes. It is an entirely different way of approaching people—one that begins by looking.

In this 19-session study, students will learn:

  • How Jesus sees people and shows compassion
  • How our hearts can prevent us from showing compassion
  • How to share Jesus’ compassion with others

Come see the beauty of how Jesus looks, sees, and moves toward people like you and me.

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The Chronicles of Narnia–Free Audio

For those Narnians out there, here’s a great resource to listen to the series online. Unfortunately you cannot directly download the audio, but you can live-stream it for free or download it via itunes podcast.

Lion of Narnia

Link: The Chronicles of Narnia AUDIO

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