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Making Love Everyday

Lately, I’ve been reading John Wooden’s book, A Game Plan for Life: The Power of Mentoring, in which he highlights seven people who mentored him and rounds out the book with seven people whom he mentored.
In the sweet chapter about his wife Nellie, he records the following conversation:

“I remember one evening, when we were still a young couple, Nellie looked at me very seriously and said, ‘John, I want us to make love every single day of our marriage. And I don’t mean that sexually–it can be a look or a touch or a kind word or an action. I mean that I want us to actually create love in our home each and every day of our lives.’ That was one of the simplest and most profound ideas I had ever heard. That’s exactly what Nellie sought to do, and I found that the love she created was a blessing to our family, and to other people as well…”  (John Wooden, A Game Plan for Life (New York: Bloomsbury, 2009), 99.

May our homes reflect everyday love-making!

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