Hello… I am Joe Helt….(at least, that’s how Gabe introduced me on this page.)


Of course, I am Joe Helt, but I prefer joe helt. Capital letters make me nervous in ways that can hardly be understood by those closest to me, including myself. But, for the sake of your eyes and the ease of reading my ranting, I will do my best to make use of the rules of capitalization.


The saving grace of God is the most important truth about me. Though I did my best for years to live in ways that denied the Gospel, God was merciful anyway. In many ways, the open rebellion of Israel, the desolation that followed, and Daniel’s prayer for restoration, mercy, and forgiveness is the story of my  life. And God, being ever merciful, has restored me beyond measure.


I am newly married to my beautiful, wise, loving, and godly wife, Sarah. She has much to put up with, so pray for her. A lot. Right now, go pray for her.


For work, I deliver cylinder gas for a small company called Northern Gases.It’s not glamorous, but it pays the bills and they are a great family to work for (and buy gas from!)


I’m also taking some courses through the Midwest Center for Theological Studies with some pastoral counseling from the elders of Christ’s Covenant Church. I also moonlight as a Sunday school teacher and occasional guitarist there.


And, there it is. A complete summary of my personhood in just a few short paragraphs. Man, I’m so good at this writing stuff. No wonder Gabe asked me to join him in this. He’s a smart man (even if he does use too many exclamation points.) Also, I have a better beard.

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