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Glory Follows Suffering

David Mathis:

“Suffering is not only the consequence of completing the Commission, but it is God’s appointed means by which he will show the superior worth of his Son to all the peoples. Just as it was ‘fitting that he… should make the founder of [our] salvation perfect through suffering’ (Heb. 2:10), so it is fitting that God save a people from all the peoples from eternal suffering through the redemptive suffering of Jesus displayed in the temporal sufferings of his missionaries.”[1]

God will extend His fame to all nations–saving men and women from every tribe and tongue and nation–through the suffering of His people. He will redeem the world through casting down His own in order that they might model Christ’s self-giving love to the nations!! May God prepare us to suffer well for His kingdom, that we would give our hearts, our lives, our all for the sake of preaching and living out “Christ crucified”!!

[1] David Mathis, “Missions: The Worship of Jesus and the Joy of All Peoples,” a chapter taken from John Piper, A Holy Ambition: To Preach Christ Where Christ Has Not Been Named (Minneapolis: Desiring God, 2011), 31.

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Bringing the Gospel Home

Bringing the Gospel Home: Evangelizing Family, Friends, & Co-workers

Here’s the audio for a 2-part seminar that Randy Newman delivered to the people of Christ’s Covenant Church. Randy was very engaging and handled a difficult topic with insight, humor, and grace. This is definitely worth your time!! He provided several helpful examples that will aid us in sharing Christ with loved ones who might be apathetic, stand-offish, or hard to reach.

(1) Evangelizing Family (Part 1)

(2) Evangelizing Family (Part 2)

Using Colossians 4:1-6, Randy unpacked several implications for evangelism:

  • Perseverance in Prayer and Proclamation
  • Be Watchful and Thankful
  • Christ-reflecting Words & Actions
  • Lives Flavored with Grace & Salt
  • Reception and Rejection (from the larger context)

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False Faith vs. Saving Faith

Decisions or Disciples: So often when we share the gospel, we’re more concerned about decisions than disciples.  Obviously, we’re motivated by compassion for the lost, but we can easily rush the process of conviction and do more harm than good.  The Holy Spirit must convict a person about sin and then implant a love for Christ in order for that person to actually repent and believe.

When we rush people toward decisions and artificial prayers, we do them an eternal disservice.  A wise minister has suggested, “We lose thousands of people who are going to die and go to hell, thinking they are saved.  And they’ve never been saved.” This is a very sobering thought, indeed.

Tom Ascol:

“The Bible recognizes the reality of false faith.  Demons have faith (James 2:19).  Simon Magus had faith (Acts 8:13, 21-23).  Many Jews who were impressed with Jesus’ miraculous power put their faith in him (John 2:23-25).  But the Bible teaches that none of these were truly converted.  They did not possess saving–that is, life-changing–faith in Christ.”

A life of true, saving faith is evidenced by genuine repentance and is followed by progressive growth in godliness.  Let us, therefore, examine our souls to see if we possess the marks of grace that are consistent with saving faith.  If we are unsure, then we ought to humbly ask God to save and sanctify us so that we may be transformed into His likeness and restored to His favor.

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