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Marks of True Revival (from OT)


Wilbur Smith lists nine characteristics of the great revivals:[1]

(1) Most revivals were preceded by a time of deep spiritual decline and despair.

(2) Each of [the ten great OT] revivals began in the heart of one of God’s servants, who then became the instrument in God’s hands to stir up the sleeping consciences of God’s people.

(3) Every revival in the Old Testament rested solidly on a new and powerful proclamation of the Word of God.

(4) Each revival was marked by a return to the genuine worship of Yahweh.

(5) Revivals are preceded by a destruction of every idol that blocked the rightful acknowledgement of Yahweh as the only true and living God.

(6) In each case, there was a deep sense of sin and an overpowering desire to separate themselves from it and from all its sponsoring causes.

(7) In every revival in the Old Testament, there was a likewise a return to the offering of blood sacrifices. In other words, there was a corporate return to the one place of atonement–the Lamb that was slain for the removal of sin.

(8) Old Testament revivals were accompanied by the experience of a new sense of unbounded joy and exuberant gladness.

(9) Each revival was followed by a time a great productivity and prosperity.


[1] Walter C. Kaiser, Jr., Revive Us Again: Biblical Principles for Revival Today (Scotland: Christian Focus, 2003), 10-14. Kaiser cites Wilbur M. Smith, The Glorious Revival under King Hezekiah (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 1937), vi-vii.

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