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Pastoral Ministry

Charles Bridges on the bittersweet beauty (and difficulty) of pastoral ministry:

“With all my discouragements and sinful despondency; in my better moments, I can think of no other work worth doing compared with [pastoral ministry]. Had I a thousand lives to live, I would willingly spend them in it: and had I as many sons, I should gladly devote them to it.”[1]

William Still on the heart of a pastor:

“My whole concern in my work of trying to make pastors (and I have ‘made’ too few, although I have had many men [pass] through my hands) is that they become men of God; then, the pastoral work will look after itself. It will still have to be done. But the man of God is made for that.”[2]


[1] Charles Bridges, The Christian Ministry: With An Inquiry Into the Causes of Its Inefficiency (Edinburgh: Banner of Truth Trust, 1997), 23.

[2] William Still, The Work of the Pastor (Ross-shire: Christian Focus, 2001), 15.

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Calvin the Pastor-Theologian

Shepherd of Souls

“Jean Daniel Benoit, the expert on Calvin’s work in the cure of souls, states boldly that the Geneva Reformer was more pastor than theologian, that, to be exact, he was a theologian in order to be a better pastor.  In his whole reforming work he was a shepherd of souls.”*

*John T. McNeill, A History of the Cure of Souls (New York: Harper and Row, 1951), 198, as quoted in Timothy Witmer, The Shepherd Leader (Phillipsburg: Presbyterian and Reformed Publishers, 2010), 55.

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